• Jack Siney

3 Steps to Save Your Business

None of us saw this pandemic coming in mid-January and we could not have expected the impact it would have on our businesses or our sales but here we are. Do not fear! We can help recession-proof your business, the key is selling to the largest prospect in the world: the government.

During these times, some realizations happen and corporately we’ve been able to step back, look at all of our solutions and we feel like we’ve come up with a good plan to help companies survive through this crisis.

Step one is to go and register for GovQuote. GovQuote is an online platform, where government agencies are releasing RFQs every day for things they need ASAP. On this site, we saw agencies issuing deals in a couple of weeks or now, a couple of days with this pandemic.

They’re literally releasing an RFQ in the morning and awarding it later in the day.

Literally, just a couple of hours. It’s an amazing platform.

It’s worth 15 minutes of your time to register your company. One morning, one afternoon, or one evening. Put all your information in there, and then as quotes become available that you may be able to fulfill, you’ll get notified.

Again, this is an easy free way for you to potentially earn some government business. They’re going to be spending a ton of money. This is the first step in helping you make it through this crisis.

Step two in this process is, if you’ve never sold to the government or you’re not sure how to sell the government, to obtain an online resource we have available for you. It’s called GovSales University.

GovSales University (GSU) is a series of online, on-demand videos that will teach you everything you need to know about how to sell to the government. You can access it whenever you want; in the morning or the evening. You can go through the videos one by one or binge-watch them from your couch. It’ll teach you everything you need to know.

As the government starts spending more and more money to offset this pandemic, they are going to need a ton of things. If you are interested in selling to them, but just not sure how to access these products or services, GSU can teach you.

It’ll help you be informed. It’ll help you know how to pursue government business.

We’ll give you a ton of information, everything you need to know. Again, for those of you who have never sold to the government or are not sure how to access all this money… start NOW.

Take all the classes, get smart, and know-how to sell to the government.

The third step is to sign up for a unique platform called GovSpend. Now, full disclosure, this is a little self-serving… this platform we developed many, many years ago. It aggregates the purchase orders from federal, state, and local agencies.

You can log on to GovSpend. You can see everything an agency is buying. You can see who they’re buying from. You can see how much they’re paying. It’s an amazing set of data.

The key to this database is you as a company can now figure out of all the 90,000 government agencies, which one should you be targeting to win a set of this new government spending related to this pandemic.

Go to GovSpend.com, you can register for that service. That will really help you in your sales and marketing efforts to know exactly which agencies you should be focusing on.

Remember, no matter what happens, sales never sleeps!

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