• Jack Siney

COVID Operations: Selling, Marketing, and Logistics

It’s abundantly clear COVID-19 is going to be with us for at least the second half of this year. This week we will be discussing how COVID will impact selling to the government and how to navigate these changes.

The good news is the government is still going to spend a ton of money. This week we want to share with you three tips on how to win some of that government spending. We are going to go over a sales, marketing, and logistics tip.

Listen, we’re not going to be able to go meet with agencies as much as we used to. So my first sales tip for you would be to create some videos. Create some short videos to show your product and how it works. You’re able to send this to an agency instead of having to go into the agency itself.

If you’ve never done videos before: you can get your iPhone or any mobile phone, create some videos about your product, you, how it works, or your support. Anything that could sell the agency on your product or services. Keep the videos between two to five minutes.

Again, share these videos with an agency and it’ll save you having to make a trip there, which they probably won’t allow you to come in anyway, right? Everyone’s worried about COVID and whichever agency you’re wanting to target may not even have their offices open. Keep in mind, just because there is this obstacle in the way it doesn’t mean you cannot show the agency what you do. So create some videos! Remember to keep them informative and short.

Now onto a marketing tip. The government’s new mantra for the second half of the year is going to be, “how to do more with less”. Whatever your marketing has been up until now, I highly encourage you to change or adapt to the concept of how the government could do more with less. Although there’s a lot of money that the government has, much of it is going to COVID-19 relief programs, PPP, etc… So they are trying to figure out how they can do more with the money they have.

That is my suggestion to you in the marketing aspect, change the way you market to the government now! For example, “by deploying our solution/product, you’ll be able to do more with less.” Or perhaps, “We’ll help you be more efficient over the next several months, over the next year.” This will be important in the coming days and weeks because all the heads of procurement are figuring out how they can spend their funds on products or services unrelated to COVID without emptying their pockets.

Here is my final tip on logistics and delivery. It is very important during COVID-19 to rethink how you’re going to deliver your product and how it is installed. All the old school things may not work. You need to think about how easily your customers can receive your product or service.

Remember a lot of folks may not be in the office. How could you be more supportive of that in your delivery and installation? How can you make it easier for your customers to get your product or service? You may have to change the way you used to deliver and install, but it will be worth it in the long term because we do not have a time frame on how long COVID-19 is going to be around. Make your product or service more deployable!

If you’re interested in more insights contact me here! I want to help you thrive during these challenging times.

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