• Jack Siney

Create Your GovSales Team

Now that you’ve decided to pursue government sales opportunities, let’s talk about the skill-sets you need on your GovSales team.

If you’re serious about pursuing government business you will absolutely need a team dedicated to making that endeavor successful. You’ll need three people to start this process and help you make significant growth in the GovSales world.

Your first teammate should be someone who is good at writing. This person should be highly organized, capable of filling out forms, composing documents, and submitting quotes. Make sure you can trust them to cross the “t’s and dot the i’s” while keeping track of all the moving parts. You’d hate to lose a deal because of some paperwork snafu along the way, right?

Your second teammate should be an inside salesperson who is good on the phone — somebody who can call an agency, introduce your product, introduce your company, and make them aware of you. And, ideally, this person will be great at setting up in-person meetings.

Your third teammate should be someone that’s good at — you guessed it — rocking those in-person meetings. This outside salesperson should have a talent for building relationships, be somebody who can introduce your product to an agency, face-to-face.

This strategy will help you build a relationship with agencies — because, in GovSales, much of your success will come from your ability to maintain a relationship.

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