• Jack Siney

Government Opportunities Available to All Companies, Win a Contract Within Hours

Over the last several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with several business-owners who see the money flooding into government sales from the Coronavirus — but the thing I keep hearing is: “Well, this money isn’t available to me. I’m not in the medical sales business.”

That’s not true. This money is available to you. The government is buying a lot of medical items — but they are also buying a lot of non-medical items. You should know that all government spending is going to increase over the next several months — as private-sector spending decreases. In addition, the recent lowering of the FED interest rate will spark investment into new government infrastructure projects.

Not only that, with the Coronavirus crisis happening, you can literally win a government contract in just a few hours. We see it happening all the time. Right now, government agencies are putting out quotes in the morning and awarding those quotes later in the day. It’s real. It’s not fake. It’s not a bait-and-switch operation. You really can win a government contract today during the Coronavirus era in a few hours. The entire government procurement process has been expedited.

If you’d like to see the process for yourself go to GovQuote.us and register your company for free to see open requests from government agencies. They are posting RFQs for all the things they’re buying and we are seeing deals awarded within 24 hours. It sounds almost unfathomable but you can see it in real-time using GovQuote.

I want to encourage you to get involved in the government sales process. Government sales can be one of the keys to salvaging 2020 for your company; win some of that business, help save your company, and save your deal flow. It’s the only market that will be spending more money in the coming months. If you need help, we have created a solution to teach you and your company how to sell your product to the government. Reach out to me to learn more today.

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