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Invest in Your Education

Maybe you’ve heard me use the phrase “Learn to Earn”? If not, I want to spend some time going over why I think this is such an important strategy for any business/salesperson/professional -- really everyone.

If you think you are a “natural born” sales-person….that’s great. Some people have a charismatic personality and are just born with the ability to talk to people. But that does not mean they will be successful at sales. There is a “science to sales” -- that goes way beyond having a good personality.

There are methodologies, frameworks, and best practices that can make anyone successful at sales -- particularly when selling to the government. That is why I created GovSales University (GSU).

GSU is not based upon a textbook or a set of long boring speeches. It is a learning system that will teach you exactly how to sell to the largest prospect in the world (U.S. government agencies -- federal, state & local). The methods you learn are repeatable and scalable to help your business grow THIS YEAR.

Here’s what you get with GovSales University:

Virtual Masterclass

I put together over 70 videos that detail the strategies and methods I have been using to help people succeed in selling to the government for years. These videos are on demand and short, to make learning at your own pace convenient. You’ll also have access to them for the lifetime of your subscription so if you want to look back for reference, they’re always available.

Bid/RFP Notification System

A bid/notification system is the first key tool you’ll need once you have figured out how you’re planning to sell to the government. This system not only allows you to search open bids but also to set up custom searches and receive email alerts when a bid/RFP goes out that matches your products/services.

Access to RFQ Marketplace

This is where you’ll likely win your first sale! Quotes are awarded even quicker than Bids/RFPs and this marketplace allows you to view open, and available quotes in real time.

List of the top 10 Government agencies buying YOUR products

We create a customized list so you can see the real life business opportunities that are available. We provide this to show you the potential for your business to grow by leveraging the government marketplace.

As you can see, when I developed this system, I was interested in providing a holistic solution to selling to the government, not just a class, and not just a notification platform, but a whole system to get you up and running -- and actually WINNING government sales within just a few weeks, day, and hours (yes…..HOURS).

I believe that every company can and should be selling to the government. The government buys EVERYTHING…..and the government ALWAYS PAYS.

Want more information? On Thursday, September 10th at 12pm (eastern), I am hosting a FREE webinar. I will show you how you can win business with the government THIS YEAR. No charge, no gimmicks, no high pressure sale…..just an hour to learn more and ask questions.

Click Here to Sign Up!

Learn to Earn.

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