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Our first webinar!

Yesterday we did a thing…our first live webinar -- hundreds of attendees. THANKS!!

COVID has made this a tough year…..but you can still make your 2020 Sales Goals. Here are a few highlights from our webinar that might help you out:

Combined U.S. governmental agencies (federal, state & local) are the “largest prospect in the world”— spending over $7 trillion per year.

This year that number could actually be closer to $10 trillion dollars with all of the extra money the government is spending due to COVID. There are 90,000 agencies spending over $20 billion PER DAY.

The government buys EVERYTHING and they ALWAYS pay.

Every company is hyper-focused on finding prospects that are still buying what their company sells…..AND prospects that will actually pay their invoices (because an increasing number of companies will file for bankruptcy during the next 12 months). The government buys EVERYTHING -- literally everything. If your company supplies it….the government buys it. Plus one of the biggest benefits of selling to the government is knowing they ALWAYS pay their invoices.

Selling to the government is easier than you think.

Most people think all government sales go through a lengthy 6-9 month bid/RFP process -- but that’s simply not the case. Only 20% of government spending goes through this process -- the other 80% go through other channels that are quicker and easier to navigate. You just need to know where to start. We covered 10 ways the government buys outside of the bid/RFP process.

Every company should be selling to the government. It can save your business, save your career, and help save your 2020 sales goals.

Our webinar was primarily aimed at people that have likely never sold to the government before. However, if you have sold to the government....it can help accelerate your revenue from government sales.

We covered a lot more than just these 3 topics…..you can watch a recording of the webinar here:

Replay Now

You can also join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm for our LinkedIn Live focused on how to sell to the government.

Finally, message me anytime…..I’d be happy to help.

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