• Jack Siney

Real Data to Help Grow Your Sales

We’ve all encountered two big changes during this coronavirus.

One of the most immediate impacts we’ve seen from the coronavirus has been companies telling their workforce to work from home. Now, for some folks, this will be the first time that’s happened. It may be exciting, but — after the first week or two — once you get tired of being stuck inside and you start to see your deal flow start to slow down, you might wonder, “Hey, what can I do with this time at home?”

Once our deal flow slows down, where are we going to find deals? Where are we going to find opportunities?

The first thing you need to know is that the government is always going to buy things. I encourage you to look at GovSales as a way to increase and maintain your sales volume.

Secondly, if you’ve never sold to the government, you might be like, “I don’t even know how to take advantage of any of this.”

We’ve created something to help. GovSales University is a series of video classes that will teach you how to sell the government. Take advantage of your downtime, go online and take these classes. We want to help you salvage these next couple of quarters. So, instead of being panicked by lack of sales, use your downtime and increase your sales by selling to the government.

All of these events, all the training, all of this stuff has moved online and we’re all inundated with, “here’s a virtual seminar, here’s a virtual conference, here’s a virtual happy hour, here’s our virtual lunch and learn.”

My goodness, there’s not enough virtual time to go to all these events. I just want to say to you as we all try to siphon through all the resources out there, all the information, one of the most important things you can do is refocus on government sales and go look at some of the resources offered by GovSpend.

We’ll help you if you’ve never sold to the government. We’ll help you learn how to sell to the government with GovSales University. If you’re looking for some quick wins, you can go to GovQuote.us and win a contract in just a few days. If you need to know about how to refocus on government sales and which agencies are actually buying your products and services, you can go to GovSpend.

These are real things… These are real resources that’ll help you sell. Not some pithy thing like, “Oh, I think you should be more adamant or more aggressive or sell with more conviction or make sure you have something good to offer.” We will provide you real data on real sales to actually help improve your deal flow and hopefully increase your sales

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