• Jack Siney

Set-Asides: Part 2

This is the second in a two-part series talking about a variety of all the set-aside classifications. Let’s get right into it.

Across the country, the classifications can vary from municipality to municipality. There are four major types you’ll typically hear about mainly from the federal government, but a lot of local agencies will carry these forward as well.

The first is small disadvantaged businesses. This typically covers African-American owned businesses, Hispanic owned businesses, and Native American owned businesses. So these would cover some of the small disadvantaged business classifications.

The second is hub zones. The government set up a whole bunch of hubs zones to help businesses flourish in certain areas. So if you’re part of a hub zone, you can also win a set-aside.

Third, are woman-owned businesses. So if you’re woman-owned businesses, they’ll set aside certain procurements for them.

And then fourth are veteran-owned, veteran-disabled businesses. So there’s a whole set of set aside for veteran-owned businesses.

Those are the four major set-aside classifications, but there’s probably about 15 to 20 different classifications across the country. If you’re going to go do business with the government, ask them about these classifications. It’ll help you win government business, eliminating some of the free and open competition.

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