• Jack Siney

Stop Wasting Your Time on Bids/RFPs

For those of you who already sell to the government, I have some free advice today. Ready?

Stop wasting your time on bids and RFPs.

That may seem blasphemous when you’re trying to sell the government, but unless you’re an experienced government contractor, the bid/RFP process can be very frustrating. Often, it will discourage salespeople new to the market and turn them off to selling to the government at all. If that’s you — don’t give up. Just stop wasting all your time and energy with the bid/RFP process.

Many newcomers don’t know this, but the government buys in a myriad of ways. There are about 9–10 other ways the government buys on a regular basis, and almost all of them are simpler than you think. These methods have nothing to do with the bid/RFP process, never touch that process. In fact, a majority of government spending skips the lengthy proposal and utilizes one of the 9–10 other methods — a whopping 80% of government business never goes out to bid.

These are some of the alternative procurement methods that government agencies use:

  • Sole-source

  • Piggy-backing

  • Discretionary spend

  • P-card

  • Simplified quotes

  • Set-asides

  • GSA and State schedules

  • Cooperative purchasing agreements (Co-ops)

Don’t worry, we will eventually go into the in’s and out’s of how each of those processes work. For now, I just wanted to share that you don’t need to get stuck or frustrated by the bid and RFP process for procurement.

That’s my advice for today. Stop wasting your time with bids and proposals, turn the corner, and find another way. The government is buying the things that you sell… right now. If you need help getting started, GovSpend has your back. Sign up to receive bid notifications, view historical purchasing, and find agency contacts in just a few clicks.

You can start winning government business today.

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