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The Science of Sales

Today let’s focus on how to be great during this chaotic time in 2020. It looks like COVID-19 is going to be here for a while and you’re going to want to utilize a strategic plan to help you stand out with vendors and agencies you’re pursuing business with.

I have this theory in life about folks who stand out. They do things 180 degrees different than everyone else. 180 degrees different! So today, I want to discuss how you can be unique, different, and ahead of competitors during this uneasy economic climate.

This feeds into the idea that there is a science of sales. Some people think “I was born a salesperson” or “This person was born to do sales”. That may be true and maybe you or someone you know has had some success in sales, but without studying the science of sales, you’ll never be great.

Anybody can learn to do anything nowadays. You can go online, learn a skill, and maybe even be really good at that skill but if you don’t practice, if you don’t constantly seek out new information you won’t ever become an expert at that skill. The same thing happens in sales. You may have an affinity towards sales, but you need to learn the science of sales.

There are a wide variety of resources out there to help you. There are well-known professional folks from Zig Ziglar, Jeffrey Gitomer, Grant Cardone, Brian Tracy, to name a few. They’ll teach you how to be better at sales and some of the processes behind it. There are also programs out there. We’ve all heard The Challenger Sale, Miller Heiman, Sandler Training. Worth mentioning are the countless individuals all over LinkedIn from Jake Dunlap, Kevin Dorsey, Coach Burt, Colin Cadmus, etc. This is just to illustrate that there are a ton of resources out there.

You need to find one to help you develop your natural inclination for sales. If you’re trying to sell the government, you really want to go to GovSales University. Specifically, if you’re just beginning to try to sell in the government sector. This program will help you sell to the government.

This is all to say there is a science of sales. You may have some affinity toward it, but you need to develop that talent. You need to be great at what you do. Especially now. Double, triple your income. One of the ways to do that and to build an affinity with a prospect is going to do something for FREE for a prospect. Yes, that’s right: FREE! Look at it as a marketing cost. Step back, choose a strategic prospect, and do something totally for free.

When you, or your company, do something great such as deploy your solution for free, offer your customers support, or maybe make a donation, do something totally for free, that will wow your customers and prospective customers.

It all comes back around. You start to build a relationship. You get in the door. Once you have an “in”, there are a ton of opportunities. Particularly, if you’re trying to sell the government. Once the agency knows you, you will see all these opportunities. Pick out a strategic client and then do something totally for free. Don’t ask for anything. Don’t look for anything in return.

Remember, it opens a door. It creates a relationship. Look at it as a marketing cost, not a lost profit. It will pay great dividends over the next 24 months for you.

I also want to remind you all not to forget about video conferencing, meetings, events, and how business and office life are changing to meet the needs of the moment we are in. I don’t know in the past if you’ve ever had video conference training, but you’re going to need it. There are so many small nuances of how to present yourself over video and it’s important for us all to be aware of that.

You can have a great personality and you may be great in person, but in video conferences, you may not be great because there are numerous variables to it. Let’s go through just a few of them: There’s the background. What’s the background look like there’s the lighting is your light into it. There’s your posture, maybe on the video you just look naturally slumped. Your hair, your face, your shirt, and your mannerisms may have to change to fit video chat needs. There are some things that may work in person, but own video over video chat they don’t work.

Maybe you sit a certain way, cross your legs. Maybe you yawn or look away. All those mannerisms, on video chat, can be very distracting. Your connectivity is important too and investing in better internet could be extremely helpful. This is just another thing that would be beneficial to you as you develop your career and ties into all these extra things we can do to be better at the science of sales.

If you need any more advice or are interested in learning more about GovSales University, reach out to me today!

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