• Jack Siney

Use It or Lose It

Use it or lose it funds. What are these?

The government has this thing called use it or lose it. When you get to the end of the fiscal year, different divisions have unallocated funds. They’ve not spent them yet. For many state and local municipalities, the end of June is the end of their fiscal year and they have these use it or lose it funds. That means they have to spend them, or typically in the next budget cycle, they won’t get that amount of money back.

We are in the final days here of the use it or lose it funds for the government! The federal government’s fiscal cycle runs from October 1st to the end of September, but most state and local municipalities run from July 1st to the end of June. Currently, there is a lot of use it or lose it money being spent…

Listen, it is close. There are only a few days left but you still have time to win some of these funds from the government, because again, they want to spend them and it’s already been allocated to them. They want to spend these funds.

This is happening right now, the government is spending a ton of money during this use it or lose it time period. You still have time to get some of this business! You can go to GovQuote.us and see all of the current spending the government is doing under use it or lose it.

Go check out GovQuote you’ll be able to see all of these use it or lose it funds in the database. Money agencies are trying to spend before the end of their fiscal year. You’ll see a variety of quotes that government agencies have out there trying to spend this money.

If you’re trying to reach a specific agency, contact us at GovSpend. We’ll give you the contacts at a particular agency.

It is use it or lose it time for these agencies. Don’t miss this opportunity! They’re going to, even during these last few days, be spending a ton of money. There is an enormous amount of money being spent by state and local agencies as they end their fiscal year.

You have until the end of June. Do not miss these use it or lose it funds!

Remember, sales never sleeps!

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