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90K agencies (federal, state & local) spend +$7 trillion per year- $20 billion per DAY.


80% of government spending does NOT go through the bid/RFP process.


Only 10% of U.S. companies are selling to the government.


You can win a government contract within just a few weeks, days or HOURS.

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Sales leader. people builder.

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 What if I told you almost EVERYTHING you have heard about selling to the government is NOT true?  Things that have literally stopped you form pursuing the LARGEST PROSPECT IN THE WORLD.

Myths like these:

  • It takes 6-9 months to win a GovSale

  • Government just wants the lowest-cost solution

  • Only large companies win #GovSales

  • #GovSales are highly competitive with low margins

I debunk the top 10 myths about selling to the government.

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