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180 WAY


The 180 Way is a 12-Step Program that allows you to achieve the (elusive) success, happiness and fulfillment you have been seeking. 


It was developed from 1000s of interviews with the most successful people in business, entertainment, sports, community-leaders, etc.  During these interviews, it became apparent that the individuals who have achieved great success, who were happy/fulfilled – were living their lives in a manner “opposite” of those around them. 

The 180 Way is a “life intervention” program that adjusts and reshapes how you are pursuing success.  NO seminar…NO course…NO book…NO online class – is going to teach you how to be happy or successful.  You need a LIFE INTERVENTION. 

Grey Limbo
The 180 Way utilizes a combination of: expert speakers, one-on-one conversations, information resources, personal testimonies, personalized/customized exercises & assignments, and life immersion activities to get you on the path of success, happiness, and fulfillment you desire.  


Step 1: Dare to Be Different

Step 2: Stop Buying What “The World” is Selling

Step 3: Build a Foundation of Faith

Step 4: Get Comfortable, Being Uncomfortable

Step 5: Take Inventory, Take Accountability

Step 6: What’s Your Plan?, What’s Your Calling?

Step 7: Learn from People That Have DONE It (not researched it)

Step 8: Evaluate Who is in Your Crew

Step 9: Take Time To THINK

Step 10: Master the SMALL Details

Step 11: Give Permission for Someone to SPEAK into Your Life

Step 12: Stay Ready & Enjoy The JOURNEY


Seminars, courses, professional coaches, online classes, and even colleges & universities are NOT focused on making you successful. They are focused on making themselves money……the most money they can.  Behind the scenes, all of the efforts for speakers, coaches, experts, etc. are on: “How to make a six-figure income speaking, coaching, with seminars, classes, etc.  It’s ALL about the money for THEM…NOT your success. 


You only truly “change someone” by getting involved IN their life. We all know this. That’s why no half-day…two-day…one-week long effort will provide you the fulfillment you are seeking.  You need focused effort into you life on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time. ← TRUTH 


That’s what The 180 Way - Life Intervention provides. We interact with you on a regular basis for at least 6 months….to (finally) get you on the path to success!!!


INDIVIDUALS: (6 month commitment)

The 180 Way - Life Intervention is NOT meant for everyone. It’s targeted at individuals who are highly driven, have big dreams/goals – and are frustrated (feel stuck) because you can’t seem to reach/achieve your goals. And most of the time, our best participants are individuals who have already tried other “success programs/seminars/courses” – and you have realized they did NOT improve your life at all.   


All prospective participants in the “Individual Program” and “Life Immersion” must first complete our Program Entry Assessment (PEA) and be approved before being admitted to the program. (Note: Group Program participants do not need to complete a PEA).

Group Program
Individual Program
Life Immersion
All Work Done in Group Environment
Completion of Program Entry Assessment
Completion of Program Entry Assessment
Weekly Group Web-Conference Meetings
All Work Done as Individual with The 180 Way Staff
All Work Done as Individual with The 180 Way Staff
Exercises Completed in Group Environment
“Success-Sponsor” Assigned to You
“Success-Sponsor” Assigned to You
Weekly Group Q&A Sessions
Weekly Private Web-Conference Meetings (1 hour/week)
Weekly Private Web-Conference Meetings (up to 3 hours/week)
All Exercises Customized, Completed & Reviewed Privately/Individually
All Exercises Customized, Completed & Reviewed Privately/Individually
Private Q&A & Review Sessions
Private Q&A & Review Sessions
DAILY Contact with The 180 Way Staff
Additional Information Resources for Each Section
Shared Contact Information w/ The 180 Way Coordinators

The 180 Way has worked with numerous organizations to improve the overall performance and satisfaction of their staff. Organizations should expect an immediate multi-fold ROI as staff members make better career and life decisions.

HR Benefit
We develop a customized presentation for your organization to review the steps of The 180 Way. We typically present to entire organizations so everyone is aligned on a new perspective moving forward.
We offer customized 1-day and 2-day Workshops. Typically, workshops are for leaders and/or management. We assist attendees on establishing a clear path for their future success within the company as well as overall.
The 180 Way can also be included as an additional offering in company benefit programs. We can work with individual participants or coordinate group offerings.
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